Creative Media Education


What does SAE stand for?

Originally, SAE stood for the 'School of Audio Engineering'.

When SAE branched into multimedia studies, its name was changed, briefly, to SAE Technology College. Over the years the school grew to include digital filmmaking, digital animation, and digital journalism, so it is now now known, globally, as SAE Institute.

SAE has more than 50 campuses in 22 countries making it the world's largest private media arts training college.

How long has SAE existed?

SAE was established in 1976, in Byron Bay, Australia. SAE has been openeing all over the Middle East with SAE Dubai being established in 2005, followed by SAE Amman in 2007 and is growing, now to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Territories.

What are the class times at SAE?

Diploma students can choose between a morning class, afternoon class or an evening class. All classes are Saturday to Thursday. Lectures and training sessions times run differently according to the course you are registered in.

In addition to actual classes students need to allow at least a similar amount of hours for working on projects and assignments outside contact/class hours.

For short courses please refer to the course schedule or ask the student counselors.

What is the relationship between theory and practical?

Courses at SAE are taught 'hands on'. This means that the theory lectures are supported by individual and group practical time for each student, using equipment that is all on site. Theoretical topics are dealt with in formal lectures given at prescribed times and student performance is gauged through a series of tests and final exams. Practical studio time is booked outside of, and in addition to, lecture times. Normally, students are required to complete a set of practical assignments before being able to sit the final practical exams.

What course is right for me?

The course you choose is determined by a range of factors which, in summary, include:

  • Your current level of skill and experience.
  • Your area of interest.
  • Your intended aims including, for example, whether or not you intend to study for a career or merely to deepen your current knowledge of a subject.
  • Diploma courses are designed to equip graduates with the skills needed to succeed in careers in their chosen media industry.

Please see our course outlines to identify which of them maybe of most interest to you.

What are the course entry requirement?

To enroll in a diploma program students must be at least 16 years of age.

If you are under the age of 21 years, you will also require a High School degree or equivalent to study in the Diploma, International Diploma and/or Degree courses.


Please note that all prospective students will be required to take an English entrance exam to determine if they require additional language skill to enroll.

What are the payment terms of the course?

SAE offers two payment options for course fees.

Option A; is up front payment of full fees per program in which case students receive a discount.

Option B; is payment of fees in advance per semester.

Alternatively, finance is available to approved applicants through specific Banks and payments may be spread out over durations that exceed the length of the courses. Please ask the student counsellors for details.

Can I get funding for the course?

Funding maybe aqcuired for students. SAE Jeddah provides scholarship programs for select students that are dependant on several factors.

Please ask the student counsellors for details.

What employment opportunities are there after completing an SAE course?

Individual job opportunities, after completing an SAE course, will vary according to a number of factors, the main being the level of the qualification and the area in which you have chosen to specialize. Diploma courses are aimed primarily at vocational training.
Saudi Arabia's media industry is growing fast. More and more international and local companies are opening branches all over the country.

SAE Jeddah collaborates with local and international production companies to guide graduate and assist in job placement.

Please see MySAE and SAE's Alumni Association for more information about SAE's global career network.


Does SAE Jeddah teach in English?

Yes. All Diploma courses are in English and students need to have a good standard of written and spoken English.

Short courses maybe offered in Arabic and/or English. Please see a student counselor, or our 'Short Courses' page for more details.

Does SAE provide accommodation?


Does SAE Jeddah provide transportation?


Can I reserve a place on a course?

A place is reserved for you on the course once your correctly completed Registration Form, registration fee and first instalment have been received.

When are the deadlines for registrations?

All registrations at SAE are taken on a 'first come, first served basis'. Courses do tend to fill up very quickly, often up to six months in advance so candidates are advised to register as early as possible.

When should I pay the registration fee?

The registration fee should be paid as soon as you decide to take a course. Places are only held on courses once this fee (and registration paperwork) has been completed and received by the Institute.

Where do the lecturers come from?

All lecturers of SAE Institute in Jeddah are a mixture of local and international experts with strong industry and/or academic backgrounds. About 60% of the teaching staff come from overseas.

Are there additional costs involved besides the course fees?

Students at SAE are required to provide their own external hard drive. All course material is provided by the college but it is advisable for students to purchase one or two good text books in order to supplement their study. Consumable items such as video tapes must be provided by students. In the second year of the Professional International Diploma in Digital Filmmaking there is a trip to an overseas film festival which is not included in the course fees. The festival will be selected taking into account the individual nationalities and passports of the students and their ability to secure appropriate visas. Students will then be advised of the festival options and costs and can make a group decision on which one to attend.

Can I switch to another branch of SAE during my course?

Subject to certain guidelines and the availability of places, students may switch between different branches of SAE during their course of study. Ultimately it is the right of the accepting branch of SAE to determine the point of entry and time of entry for a student transferring from a different SAE campus.

Can I interrupt my course?

Students may defer their studies at most points throughout a course, provided such applications are received in writing. Those who defer have the option to rejoin future classes within a two-year period from the date of deferment.

How many holidays are there at SAE?

SAE Jeddah provides all national and religious holidays. There are also short semester breaks throughout the year.

Due to SAE's intesnive and condensed training, depending on when it may fall, there maybe courses taught througout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Please see our Academic Calander for more details.